WhatsYourPrice Review: Scam or Legit Dating Site?

WhatsYourPrice Review — Are you looking for a simple no-strings-attached hookup or a casual sex platform that is safe and convenient to navigate, then WhatsYourPrice online dating site is the best fit for you. WhatsYourPrice is one of the big bosses in the sugar daddy online dating market because it has been gallant for the better part of a decade.

The website openly connects generous men with beautiful ladies for the purpose of dating, romance, and fun. If you are a rich guy willing to bid and go out with the most ravishing specs of ladies or are a super attractive lady looking to get handsomely compensated to go on dates with rich folks, then WhatsYourPrice is your plug. 

Sadly, I would like to point out that if you are looking for long time commitment or a serious relationship, WhatsYourPrice might not do so much for you, but if the former is your drive, then strap up while I show you the amazing perks that come with using WhatsYourPrice online dating site.

WhatsYourPrice Dating Site Overview

WhatsYourPrice is an ideal online dating platform with more than 3 million active members where two individuals can meet, make an appointment, agree on a price in the form of a bidding process and get the most amazing experience from each other’s company.

It serves as an online dating bridge that helps you meet very attractive people who might have been considered out of your league (from a male’s perspectives) and making it worthwhile by getting compensation for the effort and time it took to prepare for the date (from the female’s perspective).

It helps to link up generous and open-handed individuals to pay beautiful and enticing members for the amazing opportunity to take them out on a date.

WhatsYourPrice stands out as one of the best sugar daddy dating sites because it makes online dating a lot simpler. WhatsYourPrice, unlike other online dating sites, provides you with the ability to secure a first meeting quicker and faster. It also helps you meet new and interesting people that match your charisma without time-wasting to go with on fun dates.

WhatsYourPrice makes it easy for sugar babies and sugar daddies to negotiate prices simply on their terms as opposed to most local and traditional sugar daddy dating websites.

How Does WhatYourPrice Work?

The step process is just as simple and straightforward as the name sounds. The idea has to do with a bidding process, where money is put down for enticement to get acquainted with attractive ladies without the stress of wooing. A man makes a bid/offer for a date with a particular lady, and if the lady finds the offer worthwhile, she accepts it and proceeds to go on a date with the man.

It’s kind of rule that the women have to look ravishing on dates, so it takes them a lot of money and time to work up their appearance. WhatsYourPrice uniqueness is that it helps to balance everything in such a way that no party end up with the short end of the stick or feel disappointed.

Is WhatsYourPrice Legit?

Yes, it is absolutely legit and worth the experience. The enterprise has been publicized on many reputable publications in recent times, Forbes and Time, to mention a few. However, if you go online to read about WhatsYourPrice reviews, you may notice a lot of disappointment and negative energy. This was the major reason I decided to do a test run, and I must say, inasmuch as it has some negative features, it is totally worth it.

I’m now going to analyze the reasons for some of the reactions by users and shed light on the pros and cons of using the WhatsYourPrice online dating platform.


  • An easy-to-navigate interface.
  • Huge user base.
  • Very safe platform with background verifications to wade off scammers and bots.
  • Beautiful females willing to go on real dates.
  • Prestigious real users, verified profiles inclusive.
  • Clarity of people’s intention.
  • Unique payment structure.


  • No refunds on payment.
  • Experience might not be budget-friendly for those looking to spend less.
  • Doesn’t support off-site payments.
  • Free membership users don’t get the best experience.
  • Complaints that site houses a lot of fake profiles and escort services.

How Do I Sign Up On WhatsYourPrice?

The steps involved in signing up and creating a profile on WhatsYourPrice platform is quite easy. The site’s focus is on hookups and casual entanglements, so the information required to start using is not much. 5-10 minutes is enough time to be done with registration. The process is as follows;

  • Click on the WhatsYourPrice page.
  • Choose your gender identity and the gender identity or identities you hope to get acquainted with.
  • The site would request you share your E-mail address and ask that you set a safe password.
  • Next, you can pick a WhatsYourPrice username of choice. Descriptive words and good capture tones when selecting a username would help other users have a peek of your energy and what you are about.
  • Then you set your location and birthday. That’s all there is to it. You can then sign in and get connected to beautiful ladies in your region.

sign up whatsyourprice

WhatsYourPrice Profile Set up

Now that you have a registered account, it’s time to set up your profile and get into the action. Setting up a nice profile would make it easy to find the attractive people that share your charisma. Many hookups and dating sites ask questions that can assist with the best matches; WhatsYourPrice is no different.

The questions are quite direct, and it’s necessary that you answer all. The questions focus on your appeal and desires, personification and ideals, proposition, etc. Your matches will be compatible if you share more information about yourself. It goes without telling that a good profile must have a lot of good-looking profile pictures, using just one media picture is a red flag for a lot of people. Express yourself and watch people hit you up for a good time.

Is WhatsYourPrice Safe?

It’s important to do a little research before jumping on any new dating site, most especially when casual sex and hookups are the bone of contention. I can assure you that WhatsYourPrice is safe and confidential. To feel more confident, you can always go to the WhatsYourPrice safety tips page to get more information on how the site protects its members.

If you ever come in contact with someone that makes you feel skeptical or doubtful, feel free to contact WhatsYourPrice help. It would be helpful to report the event and protect other users. If you get wind of something fishy or suspect a scam, please reach out to the site moderators. The moderators can also help if you ever decide to terminate your WhatsYourPrice membership.

WhatsYourPrice Pricing

Questions like, how much does membership cost, pops up a lot, so I decided to address it here. WhatsYourPrice, unlike most dating sites, works on a credit system. These credits are used to interact, send gifts, chat, and even negotiate with other members. 

The credits are as follows: 1000 credits for $250, 400 credits for $150, and 100 credits for $50.

sign up whatsyourprice


I hope this review has been helpful. Whatever you are looking for in the online dating world, I believe that Whatsyourprice can assist you with it. So, if you feel confident about this review, sign up to Whatsyourprice now and get acquainted with that wonderful experience you seek.

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