MissTravel Review — How Does MissTravel Work?

MissTravel Review — Are you a looking to travel, have an experience that helps you to move around with people from different parts of the world even though your finance can’t afford it, or are you a generous traveler looking for companionship, regardless of the cost or venture provided it’s worthwhile, or willing to split the bills 50/50 just to live out the time of your life with a stranger, then let me introduce you to this amazing international travel companionship platform called MissTravel.

MissTravel is the perfect platform to make your travel fantasies come through. Its user base is international, and a lot of trips are being sorted out by the hour to practically every stretch of the earth.

Why don’t you join me on this review ride while enlightening you on what this fantastic platform offers?

MissTravel overview: What is MissTravel?

MissTravel is simply an online social dating platform that assists two or more individuals to meet, work on a travel plan together, and enjoy the best of each other’s company throughout the duration of the trip.

MissTravel acts as a mediator that links young, beautiful, and venturous ladies with rich, generous, and wise men to experience a wonderful trip by acting as companions to comfort each other.

What is MissTravel Dating? 

It’s simple. Let say you are an ambitious, young and beautiful lady looking to experience those travel fantasies like the environ vibes in Ibiza, to the amazing springs in Baku, or maybe the beautiful hotels in Monaco, how can I forget the taste of the amazing pizza in Italy, and that unique climate in Greece…the list might never end, but the issue is the funding.

Then, there is this handsome, generous, rich, and wise man, who travels a lot, let’s call him a Soccer Scout official looking for fresh talent, definitely well-traveled and sophisticated, and has been to most of the lady’s dream locations times without number but is in dire need of a companion to make his travel worthwhile to help him relax and relieve him from the exasperating work schedule. He is also willing to break the bank for the right companion, provided he gets the best experience, or two random individuals looking to split the bills 50/50 to enjoy an enjoyable experience.

Interesting, right? Now, this is where MissTravel comes in. MissTravel online platform makes it possible for this obvious match of personalities to meet, plan out a travel routine, and make sure they enjoy the time of their lives on the trip.

Sadly, a MissTravel app is not yet available, but the website does virtually everything you need.

This is amazing…but how does it work?

How Does MissTravel Work?

MissTravel is absolutely straightforward, and that is why to help you get comfortable, I will explicate further.

MissTravel is the real deal, but it’s not some fairy godmother site that whips up a chariot with horses and provides a prince charming to take you to the place of your dreams. It is not just creating a profile with details of your fantasy vacation, and boom! a handsome generous man puffs up with a first-class ticket to Dubai. You will be disappointed if that’s what you thought.

Misstravel works just like most regular dating platform. It would take time and effort investment to create an ideal profile, with fascinating and appealing pictures and descriptions, also the quest to search the site for the ideal travel partner and trips you would love to go on. There is also the course of vetting each member to pick out the ideal partner who meets your standard. MissTravel makes it easy to weigh in your options.

How To Sign Up on MissTravel

The sign-up process is quite easy and direct, and it shouldn’t take you more than 5 minutes to get to the trips selection stage. MissTravel requests that you provide some necessary basic information like your gender, the gender type(s) you are interested in going on trips with, your birthday, and location.

It would also ask you to register with your E-mail address. That’s all there is to it.

Ease of use

The MissTravel website is quite easy to navigate because it’s well designed and ensures a user-friendly experience. The user dashboard is not overloaded or cramped with unnecessary features, it just narrows that to search (to search for potential member looking to travel), Favorites (to glance through your favorite profiles) and My trips (to have a view of the status of your trips) sections.

The selecting a trip section is also quite easy, the well laid-out easy-to-navigate user interface with a Google map image to give you an overview of your Trip story after a venue has been selected.

Is MissTravel Worth it?

MissTravel currently has close to a million users worldwide and booked trips ranging to about half a million, so if you asked me, I would agree that with those numbers, it is really worth the try.

The fact that the experience can be free for the ladies (beautiful traveler), there is not much to lose by signing up. For the men (generous traveler), Misstravel features a single month membership option that can be purchased to try out at no risk. However, for a man looking to get his trip paid for, you might be disappointed.

However, to determine if the site is truly worth it also centers around what you are looking for.

Take, for instance, your aim is to attain a long-term relationship with a sugar daddy to settle your living expenses. It’s better to focus on other sugar daddy dating websites. MissTravel is not the ideal platform to plan long-term allowance arrangements with sugar daddies, because their preference is mostly travel escapades.

An overview of the site will make you notice that a lot of individuals are looking to get their trips paid for (I’m sure you are not surprised. Who wouldn’t want that?), but a select few individuals are also looking to split the bills.

Also, with the ease of use and premium membership price plans, I believe it’s worth it.


  • Easy-to-navigate website.
  • User-friendly platform.
  • Prestigious form of online dating.
  • Open options like paying for trips, having your trip being paid for, option to split the cost.


  • Non-traditional type of dating and might be new to some.
  • Fake profiles.
  • Benefits females more than males if you are looking to get your trips paid for.

Is MissTravel Safe?

The idea of linking up with a total stranger and going on a trip to an unfamiliar location does not sound particularly safe. It’s natural to have doubt and concerns; the site knows this, and that is why the platform arranged a set of rules for sugar babies to follow when traveling with a potential sugar daddy to ensure safety. The rules are as follows:

  • Check For Verification: Misstravel issues an elective stamp of verification to users who pay for a background check, these members should be your initial targets or choice. The event where you are meeting a complete stranger without MissTravel’s verified stamp in a foreign region or country, it is necessary you do a background check on your own to be sure he is who he claims to be before venturing to the unknown with him. If the member resides in a different city other than yours, it’s advisable to view their company website, Facebook page, LinkedIn profile, even do a Skype call with them.
  • Try to know your Travel partner before the Trip: As I said earlier, it takes a lot of time and effort investment to make it work. Some trips are planned over months to get to know who the travel individual is. It’s necessary to know your Travel partner to know how well you both connect before the trip.
  • Travel to places you’re Comfortable: It is not smart to travel to places like Belarus or Madagascar if you have never been outside the US. Instead, it’s advisable to try out Novice-Friendly counties like Canada, England, Australia, France, and Spain. Save the unfamiliar terrains for your travel veteran stage.
  • Plan for the Essentials: Essentials consist of food money, return flight money, your own room expenses, etc. It’s necessary to have all these planned and guaranteed before venturing on the trip.
  •  Address your Expectations Before Departure: These details may be awkward and annoying, but it is necessary to address things like; what you would be doing throughout the trip, places to visit, who foots the bills, how to settle should there be no chemistry amongst you two. All these should be addressed and settled before departure.
  • Emergency plans: It’s no news that when you are out, plans should be made in cases of emergency. It’s smart to stack up enough money to ensure your safe return home should things go south or events where you fall out with your travel partner. It helps to plan for uncertainty, just to be on the safe side.
  • Research and Safety plans: If your trip is within your country, maybe a different city, it’s not much concern, but if it’s an international trip, it’s advisable to do research on the destination. It is also smart to have the contact number of your embassy, especially when you are going to a developing or remote country.

I would like to draw to your attention that MissTravel does not take responsibility for the trips organized on its platform. However, on events where members are stranded, they are known to help out.


MissTravel dating site is laid into three premium membership plans, which last for six months, three months and one month and cost $29.95, $34.95 and $39.95 per month respectively.

The payment options are quite easy because it allows PayPal, AMEX, VISA, and MasterCard payment selections.

Is MissTravel a Scam?

If you go online to read about MissTravel reviews and feedback, you will see a lot of narratives where people tag it to be Scam. I wrote this article to address that issue.

Most people label something they don’t understand or didn’t get the best experience from as Scam. The fact that it did not work for some select individuals doesn’t necessarily make it a scam. A candid example is my fairy godmother reference earlier. Some people expect that kind of turn out, and when they don’t get that, the next thing they do is to say it’s a scam, which is wrong. So, don’t be bothered by the negative reviews on the internet. I can assure you that virtually everything has its bad and good reviews, and sugar daddy sites are no different.

Like most Sugar daddy websites, MissTravel is no different, it has its own fair share of scammers, but you can’t really blame them, its member base houses about a million users, so it’s almost impossible to sieve out all the scammers.

However, if you are a generous Sugar daddy who travels a lot, it would be quite easy to spot the fakes. If you are not new to online dating, you will know the drill on how to detect fakes; either the pictures on the profile look too good to be true, or their description is a bit off. Sometimes, words and phrases that are alien to the regular United States vocabulary pop up between chats. You can also ask for a Skype video when in doubt. If they refuse, then you know they are probably a fraud.

As a sugar baby, aka beautiful traveler, it’s nice to know that most scammers don’t pose as Sugar daddies, so to beat the scam competition, you need to appear more real, intelligent, attractive and interesting. You can also initiate Skype calls to establish confidence with the generous traveler.

MissTravel Review Conclusion

We finally got to the end of the ride. I’m sure you were properly educated. If you were, why don’t you take a moment to sign up on MissTravel, select a fantastic venue, work at it and experience that unique MissTravel experience, because at this point, I’m convinced you know it’s worth trying out.

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