Top 5 Things A Sugar Mummy Needs in a Man (Sugar Baby)

things a sugar mummy needs in sugar boy or baby

Top 5 Things A Sugar Mummy Needs in a Man (Sugar Baby)

90% of guys want a sugar mommy, owing to the fact that rich sugar mummies are heavy spenders, and would give the best of life to their sugar boy or sugar baby.

Wanting a sugar mom is fine, but do you have what a rich sugar mummy really needs? Are you bringing to the table what is required?

What does a sugar mommy look for in a man? Today on, we will highlight the top 5 things a sugar mommy needs that you probably didn’t know.


  1. Smartness: A sugar mommy doesn’t want a dull man. Listen, the nature of this relationship most times has to rely on you being smart. A dumb guy will probably blow open the cover, so being smart is the foundation for a sugar mommy and sugar baby relationship to last.
  2. Discreet: Being secretive is another need. Most sugar mummies don’t want people in their business, knowing they have a relationship with a younger you; not everyone is Kris Jenner, so you have to be very secretive.
  3. Look good, smell good: Most sugar mommies run from their husbands, looking for a powerful young man, that’s why when someone applies for a sugar mom on our site, and they are fat with a big stomach and or aren’t just good-looking, our clients reject them right away.

If you are serious about having a sugar mummy, at least make yourself attractive and hard to resist. If you do, sugar moms would even be the ones chasing you.

Most men looking to lose weight also would need to boost their testosterone.

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power is power

  • Power is Power: I’ll be blunt right here: Do you have the ability? Are you an Alpha male? No guy would openly agree that they aren’t good enough in bed or probably even last long enough till their partner reaches orgasm.

They say you can deceive everybody but not yourself.

One of the things a sugar mummy needs is a strong man. If you can’t last long in bed and give those performances that bring screaming and shaking, and just in case you need longer, bigger and stronger erections, there’s a solution.

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  • Have your own money: A lot of men with zero money in their account looking for a sugar mommy as a form of employment will always be disappointed. This will only happen if you probably look like Jason Momoa. Even if you’re the sexiest man in the world, having your own money will remove the possibility of you looking super desperate.

Before trying to get a sugar mummy who would take you seriously, follow these five tips and check out other rich sugar mummies to apply.

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